Travel Risk Management: Benefits for Safety, Security, and Health

Introduction to Security, Safety, and Health Benefits for Travel

This article will cover travel risk management and the advantages of travel safety, security and health. It is essential that every general manager, travel, human resources, risk, and travel professional should be aware of these issues. This article will discuss workplace safety and standardization, productivity and safety that conforms to the company’s legal and social obligations. This article will help you identify the major business benefits of improved travel safety, security and health for business travellers. It will also show you how your company can demonstrate a travel risk management system that supports workplace safety and health as well as fulfills your legal and social primary duty of care.

Business travel is an integral part of your overall business safety, security, and health strategy.

Standardization of Workplaces: Benefits for Travel Health, Safety and Security

Travel Risk Management Benefits

You may have seen or visited work sites/offices that proudly displayed the number of days or hours since the last major incident that impeded progress or threatened employee safety. It’s most likely. Most likely. Most likely not.

Travel risk management should not be considered an extra-ordinary or stand-alone risk mitigation system. It’s merely a standardization of the more traditional workplaces, offices, and sites for safety and health requirements. It’s simply an extension to all mobile and travelling personnel through concern, planning and resourcing to maximize business performance and safety in business travel.

A business without a consistent approach that includes business travel is likely to send mixed messages to its employees, and expose them to litigation and compliance issues.

Although compliance and avoidance should not be the main motivator for travel risk management, it is important to embrace the goal of improving workplace safety and health for all employees.

Improvements in safety, security and health at work
The battle for talent is not over. High-value talent must consider the support and requirements associated with business travel. While awareness of business travel safety, security and health has increased significantly over the past few years, it is still far more advanced than the associated travel risk management processes and systems. The principles have both tangible and intangible advantages for employers of choice and those who maintain competitive advantage in the market.

False class or safety standards in a company are not advisable. However, failure to provide adequate support and care for your business travel population can lead to exactly that. Travellers of all experience levels and status should not notice any differences in the company’s workplace safety and health plans, whether they are traveling from a fixed workplace/workplace to a mobile workplace/travel office.

It is recommended that everyone involved in implementing a travel security, safety and health strategy implements a simple standardization. Existing systems and processes can be maintained and adapted to meet company travel goals and legal requirements.


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