These are the 4 Best Zelda Games You Can Play

Legend of Zelda is one of the greatest action-adventure series of any time. Adventure gaming enthusiasts like myself have been trying to save Princess Zelda and assemble the Triforce since the 1980s. While I wait for the 15th installment, which doesn’t include spin-offs or remakes, I thought it would be fun and entertaining to share my top four Zelda merch games.

1. Ocarinas of Time

Majora’s Mask followed this 1998 game (more details later). Before the other four titles, the setting was the Hyrule Kingdom. It was also the first Zelda title to be 3D, which revolutionized gaming. There were many side-quests with epic boss battles, especially with Shadow Link. Gannon’s last boss battle was the most memorable, beating only Twilight Princess and Wind Waker.

2. Majora’s Mask

It can be difficult to follow a good act. Majora’s Mask is a close second, as it is the storyline sequel of Ocarina of Time. It’s darker, but it’s still completely unique. The new play dynamic is the Bunny Hood transformation, which doubles Link’s running speed. The 72-hour clock ticking clock to the end will put you under tremendous pressure to complete your adventure.

3. Twilight Princess

Twilight Princess is better than Ocarina in my opinion. However, it took Nintendo almost a decade to make it happen. TP is bigger, darker, and more difficult than Wind Waker. It’s also more difficult, more difficult to gather hearts and easier for enemies that can inflict harm on Link. It lacks orchestrated music and voice acting, but it is still a lot of fun.

4. The Past as a Link

Shigeru Miyamoto was the sole overseer of this collaboration. Shigeru Miyamoto reverted to the overhead view while adding new elements that would become standard in later games such as the Hookshot, flute, and Pegasus Boots. The introduction of A Link to the Past introduced two parallel worlds that you can travel between: the Light World, which is where Hyrule is, and the Dark World, which was the Sacred Realm before Ganon corrupted it by purchasing the Triforce.


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