Snorkel Gear Maintenance: Maintain Your Snorkel Mask

You need to take care of your snorkel mascara snorkeling to ensure it stays in top shape. It’s easy and will make sure your snorkel gear lasts for many years. We will now discuss how to maintain the Snorkel Mask.

Nowadays, silicone is used for the skirt of most Snorkel and Diving masks. Silicone is easier to maintain than rubber masks. A simple rinse in tapwater will suffice after you have used your mask in salt water, chlorine pools, or other corrosive environments. You may need to rinse the mask in water after it is purchased, or if it has been in contact with oily substances. The silicone skirt can begin to turn yellowish or discolor over time. The silicone’s characteristics and flexibility should not change.

After you have finished the first rinse, prime your snorkel mask’s lenses. There are many products that can do this, but you may not have any. If you do not have toothpaste, rub the lens gently with toothpaste. This should get rid of any residue from manufacturing. This will prevent the mask from fogging up while in the water.

Another frustrating situation while snorkeling is your mask fogging underwater. There are many products that can prevent this. I prefer the one with an orange cap. (I am not reviewing any brands). If you don’t have any, this is how it was done in the olden days. Although it might sound unpleasant to some, it works well. You did read that right. Spit into the lens, rub your fingers with your fingers, and rinse with water.

Although silicone is the most common material for straps, it may not last as long. It is possible that the strap will wear out or break as you use it to put your mask on. It might be worth having another spare just in case.

When your Snorkel Mask is dry and has been cleaned, it should be stored in a dry, cool place. If you plan to keep your Snorkel Mask for a long period of time, you might consider purchasing protective boxes or cases. These tips will ensure that you have many years of enjoyment from your snorkeling gear.

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