Moving out and moving in: Apartment cleaning ideas

You have signed the papers and hired the movers. What now?

There is still one thing you need to do before you leave. This is to clean out your old and new apartment.

It is beneficial for both parties to do a thorough of the apartment before you move out, especially if there is a security deposit. It is easy to forget about moving out cleaning. You have other things to worry about, such as moving into your new apartment.

These guidelines will help you make your apartment sparkle, no matter if you’re moving in or out.

1. Moving-Out

Now is the perfect time to transform your apartment so that it looks even better than before you moved in.

Standard Move Out Cleaning Checklist:

* Take all personal belongings with you.

* Take out all trash from your apartment

* Cancel all utilities for that apartment

* Thorough dusting

* Take nails off walls

* Double-check for potential stains on carpeting, and try to get rid of them as soon as possible

* Clean kitchen appliances

* Clean the cabinets

* Clean sinks & countertops

* Bathtub & scrub shower

* Clean the toilets

* Clean baseboards

* Vacuum all floors

2. Moving-In

It can be difficult to clean during move-in. It all depends on the date of your lease and when you move in to your space. If you have the time, it is worth taking the time to inspect the apartment and check any appliances or plumbing. This ensures that each and every corner of your rental apartment is given the care it deserves. Talk to your landlord or property manager if you discover a problem that wasn’t apparent during the walk-through to ensure it is fixed before you move in.

Standard move in cleaning checklist:

* To let fresh air in, open a window

* Steam clean or vacuum carpet

* Clean toilet and bathtub

* Lightly wipe surfaces clean

* Check vents, air filter, faucets, etc.

* Freezer and refrigerator cleaned

Cleaning will become a bit more detailed after you have moved your stuff in. You will be responsible for daily cleaning the space as it is yours.

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