How to get maximum value from your confinement nanny

It is important to consider the following tips before you hire a nanny for your newborn baby. It is possible to fall in love with your nanny, but this is still a financial deal. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your deal.

Remember to Take Care of You
A confinement nurse is there to care for you and not your baby. Many people believe that the Chinese confinement nanny should first care for the mother, so that she is healthy enough to care on her own after the confinement period. It is important to consider what your needs are and not just what the nanny should do for you.

The nanny can help you with your baby’s nighttime routine, such as getting him/her back to sleep. But you might also need some sleep assistance. In this case, the nanny could agree to watch your baby while taking naps. While you may agree to allow the nanny to take care of the baby, you should ask her to cook healthy meals. You won’t be capable of cooking all the meals yourself, at least not right away.

Make it very clear

Discuss the job with your confinement nanny. Be specific about what duties you’d like her to do. You should do this via a confinement-nanny service. They will have standard contracts as well as duty lists, which can be used as a starting point in your discussions. You can make minor changes to the list or add duties to your contract for an additional charge, but it is best to have an initial list of duties to begin with.

Be confident

Don’t be shy to ask for everything you need from your nanny. Many agencies will accommodate your every need, although you might be required to pay a little more if there is more work for the confinement nurse. If you’re not open and honest about your needs, the contract you make will not fit your needs. This will make you unhappy in the end.

Never Assume

Ask questions if in doubt. You might miss out on a service if it isn’t offered. Don’t assume your nanny is going to do the right thing without asking. Always ask. Never assume.

Bring Respect to Your Table

If you treat your nanny as a member of the family and respect her, she will be more likely to do extra work for you and the baby. It will make you feel more comfortable and valued, and she will give you better care. It will result in better care for your baby.

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