Football Betting: America’s Favorite Sport

America’s favorite game is football. It is therefore not surprising that betting on this sport is the most popular on the continent. Every week, thousands of punters will bet on games in the National Football League, minor leagues, college and some high school football games. We will be looking at the basics of betting on any football match.

What type of bet could you place?

Spread betting is the most popular form of on football games. Spread bets are made up of an underdog and favorite and require that a certain number of points be won or lost by a team in order to collect. These bets look like this:

Chicago Bears -10.5 (-155)
New England Patriots (180).

The favorite team is the one with the least favorable sign. The favorite is the team with the most bets placed on it, which could or may not reflect their chances of winning. In the above scenario, the Bears are the favorite team (haha!). The spread also shows how much money was wagered to win. If the Bears beat this spread, each $150 bet on them will earn $100. You can earn $180 per $100 you wager on the Patriots.

Spread is preferred in football due to its extra security. This security is represented by the number -10.5. In order to collect wagers on the Bears, Chicago must win at least 11 points. The Patriots win the bet if they win by 9 points. This means that even though the Patriots win, the underdog bets still win. The extra.5 point is added to ensure there is no push or tie on the bets.

Betting on the moneyline is the second most popular form of betting when it comes down to football betting. This is the standard bet where money is placed on a single team to win. Money lines can be expressed in the same way as spreads but without the point indicator. Money lines are generally more expensive to place a wager on the favorite to win $100, as a victory is easier than a difference of points.

Other kinds of bets in football betting:

There are many types of betting on football that can be placed. This can make your betting experience more interesting. The total points scored by each team in a particular game is the over/under wager. A sports book may place the total score for a football match at 55. The wagertors would then place bets on whether the total score will be greater or less than that sum.

Football betting is also popular for parlays, futures, totals and squares.

How do you place a bet on football games?

Remember that football betting is a losing proposition. Most sports bettors lose less than half of the time. Because the sports books are very knowledgeable and can adjust the odds to their advantage, this is why they win so often.

A little knowledge can make a big difference in your football betting records. Many services are available that can help those who are interested in any type of betting, including football betting. Particularly, sports information lines can help bettors find good value bets as well as up-to-date information about any team they may be interested in.

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