Five Essentials to Consider When Selecting a Web Design Company in Egypt

How to choose the right web design company

Your business’ web presence is a vital part of it. Anyone who is interested in doing business with your company will do their research online before making a purchase or signing a contract. Most people don’t get involved in web projects often, so they aren’t familiar with what to look for when selecting a Web Design Company in Egypt You should be cautious when choosing a web design firm.

These are five things you should consider when selecting a web design firm

  1. Are their web design prices too good to be true Low cost web design is synonymous with poor quality. These are some quality-cutting measures:
    • Outsourcing work
    • Design changes (often rejected by clients),
    • Quality assurance and testing are not being done.

    Another tactic is to offer a low initial price while concealing costs that will soon add up over time. It is possible that the company may have limited experience or not be in business tomorrow. Many clients have come to us to save their sites after they had worked with a “discount” website design company. This can lead to lost time and money. Don’t let this happen to you.

    You could end up paying more for the future if you save a little upfront .

  2. Is the web design company a vendor? It is important to understand how the web design company views you. Vendors see success in their own terms, so your goals and business goals are irrelevant to them. They are free to leave your success as it is. Partners on the other side seek long-term success together. When you succeed, it’s a victory to them. The true measure of success is not just launching a website, but also if that site brings you return on your investment and grows your business.

    They should be as passionate about your success and as proud of you.

  3. Where is the content coming from Content is not an afterthought. It’s an integral part of a website’s effectiveness. Your content should be engaging to visitors and search engine optimized. Your content must convey the company’s value, match your brand identity, be visually appealing, and be optimized to convert visitors into leads. Partner with you will help translate your business and value proposition into exceptional textual, graphic and video content.

    Look for a company that places content development and optimization at its core.

  4. Is it a one-trick Pony? Your business is constantly changing and your needs may not be met by the web. Web design and development may not be the only expertise of the company. They will look at you with a blank stare if you mention direct mail, creating a video, designing your booth at tradeshows, writing press releases, or consolidating their brand. Ask if the company is equally proficient in marketing, branding, and print design.

    A full-service company is the best choice to create a website and a complete marketing strategy.

  5. Do you feel stressed by their CMS? Web design companies often try to reinvent the wheel for every project. They create custom solutions that are not necessary or cost-effective and can add significant costs to your project. A proprietary solution can also make it more difficult to use that company for future web maintenance and site upgrades. Other companies, such as Intuit and Volusion, let you lease their wheel. This is essentially a way of leasing a website with their “software-as-a-service” CMS. These solutions have very limited functionality and design (with little to no customization), and you can’t take the entire site with you when you move. There are also web design agencies that will convince you that you don’t need a steering wheel. They use outdated technology like Dreamweaver templates or static HTML to create their websites. You have to rely on them to make minor updates, which is often a costly service. You should look for a web designer who:
    • Sites without a CMS are considered nuts
    • Creates websites using an open-source Content Management System platform, such as WordPress or Drupal
    • Your unique requirements are listened to, documented, and implemented
    • Happily, it is your code

    So that your site can grow with your business, it should be scalable, customizable and open-source.

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